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Beach holiday houses, villas and Apartments in Estepona

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Estepona is situated at the southern end of the Costa del Sol and has grown to one of the most popular holiday resorts in Andalusia within the last few years.

Comfortable holiday accommodations of all types and a perfect infrastructure mix with the natural beauty of the area and the finest beaches to create a holiday resort for the highest standard.

Culturaly interested visitors will have a great time in Estepona: the museums of the city are situated in the former bullfighting arena of Estepona. Several archaeological sites and monuments, which are open to the public, give a good impression of past eras, when the Romans, the Phoenicians and later the Arabs put their fingerprints on the city.

In particular, the era of the Moors has left its visible tracks in Estepona. The Arabic-stlye built houses and the always present Flamenco music are very alive witnesses of this era.

The Selwo Aventura Park near Estepona is an adventure for young and old. 2000 animals from 200 different species of all continents can be watched during a Safari in this park of more than 100 hectar. The Selwo Park has managed to reproduce the natural environments of these animals impressingly. So, elefants, girafes, zebras rhinoceroses, tigers, lions, monkeys and many other species wait to be visited.

Fun & leisure in Estepona

Nightlife in Estepona

Estepona has quite some offers for night birds. Plenty of clubs and bars are located at the beach promenade, where the party starts in the early evening. There is more nice offers in the center of town, especially if your expectations are high and you're willing to pay a little higher prices. 

Estepona has an international flair. Many dropouts from all around the world have settled to Estepona for its high quality of living. Proportionally colorfull is the mix of people you'll meet in the nightlife.

Club Niágara
Avda. Juan Carlos I
29680 Estepona
  Popular club for house and techno.
Impressive decoration and good flair.
From dusk til dawn.
Club Java 
Yachthafen Estepona
29680 Estepona
  Prestigious ambience in the yacht port.
Famous DJs and pretty people.
Crowded especially in the summer.

Restaurants in Estepona

The Andalusian kitchen can show off with a couple of special treats. Of course, sea food and fish is of highest quality here and being offered in most restaurants in Estepona.

We also recommend to visit a typical Bodega in the old center of Estepona where "Tapas" are being offered from a wide glass cabinet on top of the bar. A "Tapa" is a small plate of food being served with a beer, so you wouldn't have to drink the beer with an empty stomach. Usually, a tapa costs 1€, just like the glass of beer.

Meson El Albero
c/ Real - Paseillo
29680 Estepona
  Good Restaurant, and good Tapa-Bar.
Directly in the old center.
Mon-Sun: 11:00 - 24:00, Res. Tel. 952 805 034
Restaurant El Gavian del Mar
Plaza Dr. Arce
29680 Estepona
  Specialized in fried fish.
Romantic situation in the yacht port of Estepona.
Mon-Sun: 11:00 - 24:00, Res. Tel. 952 802 856
Restaurant El Mencey
Avda. San Lorenzo 
29680 Estepona
  Traditional Tapas and some superb ham.
Originally Andalusian place in the old center of Estepona.
Mon-Sun: 11:00 - 24:00, Res. Tel. 952 792 568

Shopping in Estepona 

The shopping offer in Estepona is amazingly large. Besides some large shopping centers, there's a pedestrian zone with many great stores.

Supermarkets open all day long from 9:00 until 21:30. Most of the smaller stores stay closed for the Siesta between 14:00 and 18:00. 

Day-trips from Estepona

Estepona is a perfect base for many interesting day-trips reachable within little time. We recommend to rent a car for your holidays in Andalusia, so you wouldn't have to depend on public transports.

Here just a few day-trip destinations, not more than 2 hours away from Estepona:

Cadiz - histor. center
Bolonia - Cadiz 80km
  Europe's oldest town - Cadiz.
Learn more about Cadiz!
Tarifa - wind capitol
Bolonia - Tarifa 20km
  Tarifa - the European mecca of the kitesurf- and windsurf scene.
Visit Tarifa and its unique flair!
Vejer de la Frontera
Bolonia - Vejer 30km
  Andalusia at its best. The white village on a mountain top.
Discover the little streets of Vejer!

Sports offers in Estepona

There's plenty of sports offers in Estepona. Horseback riding, golf, mountainbiking, hiking, diving and sailing are just a few examples. 

Estepona also provides a well equipped fitness studio for all those of you, who want to work out in their holidays.

Thanks to the warm climate all year arround, you can practize your favourite sport in Conil at any time.

Sailing in Estepona - Sailing boats, sailing offers, boats to rent

The yacht port of Estepona (Puerto Deportivo) is a 5-minute walk away from the center of the city. There is a feeling of prosperity, created by the expensive yachts, restaurants and shops, which can be found here. 

Several providers offer trips, both with sailing boats, as well as motor yachts. Also fishing from a boat is offered in Estepona. 
The sailing season is due to the mild temperatures in Andalusia throughout the year.

Golf in Estepona - golf courses, golf lessons, greenfee

One of the finest golf resorts in Europe is the Valderrama Golf Club. This beautiful golf course is situated right by the sea with beautiful views towards the rock of Gibraltar and the African coast in the background.

Besides this one there are many more superb golf clubs around Estepona. Combine the best of these clubs to the Andalusian golf vacation of your life time!

Thanks to the climate, the golf season never ends in Andalusia and even in January you can play in thin clothing.

Here some more recommendations for golf clubs in Andalusia:

  1. Alcaidesa Golf
  2. Sancti Petri Golf
  3. Almenara Golf
  4. Dehesa Montenmedio Golf

Beaches of Estepona

We recommend to use enough sun screen at any time of the day, because the Andalusian sun can cause sun burns quicker than you think.

To cool down from the heat there is nothing more refreshing than the cristal-blue water of the Atlantic ocean. It won't be any warmer than 20°C in the summer, but neither any colder than 16°C in the winter. It is recommendable to wear a neopren suit for water sports.

The water here is very clean and there's no strong currents to be aware of. Jelly fish and other unpleasant marine animals are not to be found. 

Playa de la Rada

The city's beach in Estepona is located right by the center on the left side of the yacht port. The promenade with its many palm trees is very well-cared and offers plenty of services. In the summer months the Playa de la Rada is the most visited beach of Estepona, but it's large enough to distribute the crowds well. 

Playa del Cristo

Playa del Cristo is on the right side of the yacht port of Estepona. This beach is much smaller than Playa de la Rada. Bay watch towers provide extra security to this beach and you can even rent pedal boats.

Playa Costa Natura

The first nudist beach of the Costa del Sol is named Playa Costa Natura. It can be found a little further west of Playa del Cristo in between two other beaches, Playa Guadalobón and Playa Arroyo Vaqueros.
This beach is of grey color and a bit stoney. 

Climate & weather in Estepona

While temperatures in the summer at the Andalusian coast are comfortably warm, it may be unbearably hot just 20km further in the country. Seville, for example, is used to have above 40°C every day while on the coast you only feel 25°C.

In winter time it hardly gets any colder than 16°C, except for the nights which could end up being around 10°C. The temperatures also depend on the wind direction: Levante brings warmer air from the land, Poniente brings cool air form the sea.

The average humidity in summer is around 30%, in the winter it is above 50%.

The probability of rain is very low apart from January til April. Statistically the Costa de la Luz provides more than 300 days of sunshine per year. In fact, rain is always welcome to assure the water supply in summer.

Arrival to Estepona


Airport Malaga, 80km away, Tel. (+34) 952 048 844
Airport Jerez, 151km away, Tel. (+34) 956 150 000
Airport Gibraltar, 40km away, Tel. (+34) 954 449 000

Bus connections   Find here updated informations on bus connections.
The bus station in Estepona informast. Tel. (+34) 952 800 249
Train connections   Find here updated information on train connections.
The next train station from estepona is Malaga. Tel. (+34) 952 631 005
Car / rental car   Free of road fees: along the N340 national road on Costa del Sol.
With road fees: highway AP-7 (Autovía del Mediterranéo).

Useful information about Estepona


Avenida Andalucía 9, 29680 Estepona, Tel. (+34) 952 803 600

Taxi   Bus station, 29680 Estepona, Tel. (+34) 952 802 900
Farmacy   c/ Real 111, 29680 Estepona, Tel. (+34) 952 437 060
Hospital   Centro de salud, 29680 Estepona, Tel. (+ 34) 952 800 683



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