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Paintball in Conil has developed to be quite a popular sport. Besides all the other sports activities Conil has to offer, it may be a funny experience for a change to spend an afternoon of a different kind with some friends.

Paintball is a team sport with the objective to shoot your opponents with small colour balls made of gelatine. After being hit you'll have to leave the field.

The paint balls of caliber 68 (0,68 inch diameter) are being shot with a CO²-pressure gun and they are absolutely harmless - well, you might get some bruises of them to be honest.

Paintball demands team work, tactical skills and good reactions. If you take the game more serious, then your physical condition is also a factor.

Jardal Paintball Conil

  1. Carril Huerta Hardal S/N
  2. 11149 Conil De La Frontera
  3. Tel. (+34) 686 112 561
Location   5km from Conil in Barrio Nuevo, El Colorado
Directions   From Conil to El Colorado via the Carril Huerta Jardal
Game types   Speedball 
Players   10 persons (5 against 5)
Prices   Full protection gear, gun, 150 paintballs 20,00 €
Extra Prices   100 paintballs extra: 6,00 €
Contact   Jardal Paintball Conil, Tel. (0034) 686 112 561


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