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Zahara de los Atunes

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Zahara de los Atunes is situated 1km from Atlanterra in the province ofCadiz and offers great touristic accommodations on one of the nicest beaches of the coast.

The area is characterized by idylic little bays (in direction Bolonia) and its proximity tp the large touristic centers of the Costa de la Luz. If you long for quiet beach holidays, then Zahara de los Atunes is just right for you. 

From here you can start many interesting day-trips into the Andalusian nature or close by white villages.

In the neighbouring bay you'll find the Playa de los Alemanes - the beach of the Germans. Its name results from the days of the dictator Franco, who distributed some properties to some German supporters.

Apart from tourism, Zahara de los Atunes makes its living of the traditional tuna fishing. Atlanterra is an urbanisation of holiday apartment complexes, just 1km further down the coast in direction Tarifa. But only Zahara provides a funcional infrastructure in the winter time, while Atlanterra then is completely abandoned.

Fun & leisure in Zahara de los Atunes

Nightlife in Zahara de los Atunes

In Zahara crowded bars and clubs are not the first choice. Instead we recommend the so-called Chiringuitos (the beach bars) situated along the beach promenade. 

Especially in the summer months you'll find great party here ending many times not before 8 am. Up from midnight the beach bars usually turn into dancefloors on the beach.

Forget about dress-codes in Zahara de los Atunes! Beach wear is always the right choice.

If you prefer to spend the night in a club, let us recommend you the club in the Hotel Sol Melia in Atlanterra which is open to everyone.

Chiringuito Las Brisas
Bahía de la Plata, s/n
11393 Zahara de los Atunes
  The beach bar of hotel Sol Melia, for young and old.
Open only in the summer, from dusk til dawn.
Music for dancing and sometimes live.
Chiringuito El Sur
C/ Calvo Sotelo
11393 Zahara de los Atunes
  The hotspot at the beach of Zahara de los Atunes for young people.
From 11pm until the sun comes up.
Live Flamenco music every night.
El Refugio
C/ Cerro Currita, 10 
11393 Zahara de los Atunes
  Relaxed chill out at the beach.
Party from the afternoon on .
Chill sound a la Cafe del Mar.

Restaurants in Zahara de los Atunes

The food in Zahara de los Atunes is fantastic! Try the typical Andalusian recipes for fresh local fish like the tuna and sword fish, the unbeatable "Jamon" of the black Andalusian pigs or a filet of the best Spanish beef. 

We recommend to join the food with a bottle of Rioja and for dessert a glass of sherry from the nearby wineyards around Jerez de la Frontera.

Ristorante Casa Juanito
c/ Sagasta
11393 Zahara de los Atunes
  Typical & traditional Andalusian kitchen.
Specialized in a variety of tuna dishes.
Mon-Sun: 11am - 12pm, Res. Tel. (0034) 956 439 211
Restaurante La Sal
Urb. Atlanterra Playa
11393 Zahara de los Atunes
  Right on the beach next to "Atlanterra Playa".
Famous for its fish specialities.
Mon-Sun: 11am - 12pm, Res. Tel. (0034) 956 453 112
Restaurante Antonio
Ctra. Zahara de los Atunes
11393 Zahara de los Atunes
  Elegant restaurant between Atlanterra and Zahara.
The best choice for meat and sea food.
Mon-Sun: 11am - 12pm, Res. Tel. (0034) 956 439 141
Bodega La Botica
c/  Real, 13 
11393 Zahara de los Atunes
  Andalusian Bodega with traditional kitchen.
in the heart of Zahara de los Atunes.
Mon-Sun: 07pm - 12pm, Res. Tel. (0034) 956 439 183
Casa José María
Plaza Marqués de Tamarón, 3
11393 Zahara de los Atunes
  Popular restaurant, romanticaly situated on small Plaza.
Creative kitchen for demanding gourmets. 
Mon-Sun: 07pm - 12pm, Res. Tel. (0034) 956 439 338

Shopping in Zahara de los Atunes 

Atlanterra provides some smaller shops selling food, drinks, beach accessories and sun cream. The Hotel Sol Melia has a bit more choice to offer in its hotel shops.

The shopping offer in Barbate, however, is much more versatile and complete. You'll find Barbate around 10km further north in direction Cadiz.

Day-trips from Zahara de los Atunes

Zahara de los Atunes is a perfect base for many interesting nearby destinations reachable within short time. 

Here just a few day-trip destinations, not more than 1,5 hours away from Zahara de los Atunes:

Cadiz - histor. center
Zahara  - Cadiz 80km
  Europe's oldest town - Cadiz.
Learn more about Cadiz!
Tarifa - Wind capitol
Zahara - Tarifa 45km
  Tarifa is the European Mecca for Kitesurfing and Windsurfing.
Visit Tarifa and its special vibe!
Surf in El Palmar
Zahara - El Palmar 35km
  The best surf spot in all Andalusia!
Do you know El Palmar?

Sports offers in Zahara de los Atunes

The variety of sports offered in Zahara de los Atunes is unlimited. Horseback riding, windsurfing,kitesurfingmountain biking, hiking, paddle, diving and sailing are just a few examples. 

Thanks to the warm climate all year round you can practice your favourite sports at any time of year in Zahara de los Atunes.

Windsurfing in Zahara de los Atunes - Revier, Wind and Strände

Zahara de los Atunes at the Costa de la Luz is a secret spot amongst windsurfers. Most of the days you windsurf here alone or only with a few other people. 

Only 45km from Zahara de los Atunes seperate you from the most southern point of the Spanish peninsula, the little town of Tarifa, which is reknown to be the best windsurf spot in Europe. 

There are 2 dominant winds at this coast: the very strong Levante and the weaker Poniente. On days of strong Levante it might be too much wind for windsurfing in Tarifa, and then Zahara de los Atunes will be the preferable windsurf spot. The Levante looses some beaufort of strength on his way down the Costa de la Luz until it reaches Zahara.

Windsurf material has to be brought as there still is no windsurf station in Zahara de los Atunes. If you have a rental car with roof rack, you can rent the material in one of the shops in Tarifa.

Kitesurfing in Zahara de los Atunes - Beaches, winds, conditions

You can kitesurf all year long in Zahara de los Atunes, except for the summer months July and August, when the beach is reserved for the swimmers.  d

The beach sherriffs take their job very serious, so be careful in the summer. The fines for violation are high. At this time of the year it makes sense to drive a couple of kilometers north or south to still find great kitesurf spots, for example El PalmarCaños de Meca (at Cabo Trafalgar) or Tarifa, which is probably the most popular kitesurf resort in Europe.

At no time of the year you'll see as many people in Zahara de los Atunes as in Tarifa. To have all the beach and water for yourself, go kitesurfing in Zahara on a strong Levante day. The water here will be smoother, the wind will be 2 beauforts lower, and in between October and May you'll even kitesurf in great waves.

There's no kitesurf station yet in Zahara de los Atunes, but you can rent equipment in one of the kitesurf shops in Tarifa in case you can't bring your own. 

Golf in Zahara de los Atunes - golf courses, golf school, greenfee

One of the finest golf resorts in Europe is the Dehesa Montenmedio Golf & Country Club. This beautiful golf course is not situated right by the sea, so you might prefer to reside in one of the comfortable holiday apartments in Zahara de los Atunes and drive the 17km to Montenmedio for playing golf.

Besides this one there are many more superb golf clubs around Zahara de los Atunes. Combine the best of these clubs to the Andalusian golf vacation of your life time!

Thanks to the climate, the golf season never ends in Andalusia and even in January you can play in thin clothing.

Here some more recommendations for golf clubs in Andalusia:

  1. Costa Ballena Golf
  2. Sancti Petri Golf
  3. Benalup Golf
  4. Dehesa Montenmedio Golf

Beaches of Zahara de los Atunes

The beaches of Zahara de los Atunes are some of the nicest beaches in Andalusia. The fine, white sand will satisfy even the most demanding tourists.

We recommend to use sun protection while sun bathing. The Andalusian sun can cause sun burns within a short period. 

Those who want to cool down their bodies jump into the Atlantic ocean which in the summer hardly has more than 20°C. In the winter the lowest water temperatures are around 15°C. 

For water sports it is recommendable to wear a neoprene suit.

The sea water is very clean here and currents or strong tides are no danger hazard. Jelly fish or other non-welcome sea animals are not a problem.

Bahía de la Plata

The bay of Zahara de los Atunes and Zahara de los Atunes is named the "Bahia de la Plata". It begins north of Zahara de los Atunes and ends at the "Cabo de Plata", a tongue of land in the south of Zahara de los Atunes, separating the Bahia de Plata from the "Playa de los Alemanes".

Even in high season the amount of beach visitors distributes well over the entire length of this beach. Weekends in the summer may be more crowded though, because of the Spanish tradition to spend the weekend with the complete family on the beach.

The sand is free of stones and gets cleaned of garbage every morning. Nevertheless, please don't leave any garbage on the beach.

Some beach restaurants and beach bars open from June til October and offer typical specialities and cold drinks.

At the southern end of this beach is where the best conditions for kitesurfing and windsurfing can be found. No mountains or other obstacles create wind shade at this end of the bay.

It is not allowed to bring dogs to the beach. Not obeying this rule could cost you 200€, so you better watch out.

Playa de los Alemanes

The Playa de los Alemanes (translated: The German's beach) got its name from the age of dictator Franco, who distributed some terrains to some of his German ideological comrades.

This beach is the enlargement of the Bahia de Plata between the Cabo de Plata and Cabo de la Gracia. Playa de los Alemanes is located below a mountain with some of the most luxurious villas of the area.

To reach this beach you have to walk along the beach for 10-15min or you take the car from Zahara de los Atunes passing the apartment complexes of Zahara de los Atunes and the Hotel Sol Melia til the beginning of the next bay.

This beach is smaller and shorter than the Bahia de la Plata. Still it's not a crowded beach as most people prefer to stay right infront of their accommodation (further left). 

The beach and water quality is excellent. Don't forget you snorkel and goggles as you will see some nice sea life right by the Cabo de Plata.

The season for surfing between October and May atrracts the locals to the Playa de los Alemanes. The shape of the bay is perfect for a good swell coming in here. Waves between 2m and 3m are nothing rare.

Climate & weather in Zahara de los Atunes

While temperatures in the summer at the Andalusian coast are comfortably warm, it may be unbearably hot just 20km further in the country. Seville, for example, is used to have above 40°C every day while on the coast you only feel 25°C.

In winter time it hardly gets any colder than 16°C, except for the nights which could end up being around 10°C. The temperatures also depend on the wind direction: Levante brings warmer air from the land, Poniente brings cool air form the sea.

The average humidity in summer is around 30%, in the winter it is above 50%.

The probability of rain is very low apart from January til April. Statistically the Costa de la Luz provides more than 300 days of sunshine per year. In fact, rain is always welcome to assure the water supply in summer.

Arrival to Zahara de los Atunes

Airports   Airport Jerez, ca. 60 km away, Tel. (+34) 956 186 863
Airport Seville, ca. 170 km away, Tel. (+34) 902 404 704
Airport Malaga, ca. 170 km away, Tel. (+34) 902 404 704
Bus connections   Find here informations about bus connections.
The next bus stations are in Zahara de los AtunesBarbate and Conil.
Train stations   Find here informations about train connections.
The next train stations from Zahara de los Atunes are San Fernando, Cadiz and Jerez.
Rental car   From all directions to the N340 national road, Exit to A2227 direction Zahara de los Atunes

Useful information about Zahara de los Atunes

Police   c/ Marina 3, 11393 Zahara de los Atunes, Tel. (+34) 956 439 417
Taxi   Plaza Tamarón, 11393 Zahara de los Atunes, Tel. (+34) 956 439 233
Farmacy   Paseo el Pradillo, 22, 11393 Zahara de los Atunes, Tel. (+34) 956 439 147
Hospital   San Jose, s/n, 11100 San Fernando/Cadiz, Tel. (+34) 956 882 214



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